ChainDefender has created the first AI-powered smart contract auditor, designed to make smart contract security review fast and affordable. Through code analysis, ChainDefender is able to audit smart contracts, find vulnerabilities and proposes fixes.


The ChainDefender founders, John and Paulin, are seasoned developers with extensive experience in smart contract development and web3 technologies. Given the rise in LLMs, they decided to team up to solve a common pain point they felt during their work: smart contract security. They believed smart contract audits should be fast and affordable, and set out to build a solution to make it happen.

The prompts used to analyze smart contract code aren't just a feature, they are the backbone of the whole product experience. Without high-quality, accurate, and reliable, prompts, there is no product worth paying for.

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As ChainDefender's customer base expanded, they outgrew the capacity and functionality of their initial in-house tooling, which was holding back their ability to efficiently manage and scale their AI-driven smart contract audits. They had clear requirements: a prompt management solution with a friendly and intuitive UI, an easy API, and a way to log and track requests. But they faced a decision: build or buy?


John had already known Dan from the AI Engineer Summit in San Franciso, making PromptHub a no-brainer to try.

The team quickly adopted the tool and integrated it seamlessly into their workflow. In the first week alone, they were able to test hundreds of prompts and variants, and implement the PromptHub API.

The impact of PromptHub was immediate and significant – not only did it streamline their workflow, but it also brought about an improvement in the quality and efficiency of their smart contract audits. Using PromptHub saved their team countless engineering hours and helped them get better outputs from their prompts.

ChainDefender founders, Paulin and John, opted for a private Slack channel, which gave them direct access to the PromptHub founders, Dan and Dalton. This direct line enabled the ChainDefender team to get quick responses to any and all questions, ranging from product support to broader aspects of prompt engineering. This level of access made it easy to quickly troubleshoot issues and seamlessly integrate PromptHub into ChainDefender's operations.

Going forward

What sets PromptHub apart for John and the ChainDefender team, aside from the git-style versioning, collaboration tools, and request logging, is the exceptional support and responsiveness of the PromptHub team. The relationship is more like a strategic partnership, compared to a typical client-software provider dynamic. From the shared Slack channel, to the monthly webinars and educational sessions on prompt engineering, PromptHub is a competitive advantage for the ChainDefender team.

Dan Cleary