Prompt Versioning

Version prompts that same way you version code. Commit prompts, open merge requests and make collaboration seamless with the a versioning system that anyone on the team to use.

Version history for a prompt in the PromptHub dashboard
"Batches is hugely helpful in seeing the impact of changes I make to my prompts. Not quite the right term, but batch testing gives me more confidence in the statistical significance of the changes I make when I can see the output generated many times. If you're not batch testing your prompts, you're probably missing out on some low-hanging fruit."
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Jade Samadi
Founder, Smart Recover

How it works

Three stacked rectangles
Make changes to a prompt
2 blue cog wheels spinning together
Open a pull request to notify your team
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Collaborate, approve, and merge

The easiest way to version and collaborate on prompts

Once you've made some prompts updates, open a merge request to notify your team for review. Use the PromptHub API to always retrieve the latest prompt

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What you can build

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Scalable content creation

Embed content creation prompts in Notion

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Client support form

Connect documentation to a form so that clients can get quick answers

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Lead magnet

Create mini-apps that drive value for website visitors

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Connect custom data
(Gdocs, csv, Excel)
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Your prompts are secure
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Embed anywhere

Automatically keep track of changes

Open a merge request, and we'll automatically log changes to the prompts, parameters, or models. Making it easy to review, collaborate, and approve prompt changes.

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A merge request in PromptHub web application

Keep everyone on the same page

Your team will automatically get notified any time a merge request is opened or when there is an ongoing discussion on a request.

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2 notification examples of merge requests and comments

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Organize your prompts, test them thoroughly, and get better outputs

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