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Upgrade your prompting skills in the PromptLab

PromptLab just ran in November. We plan to do it again in the future. Drop your email to stay in the loop!

Prompt management is new, but it doesn’t have to be hard. We’ll teach you the basics. By the end you’ll deploy an A.I. powered app, seriously. No coding required.

Who PromptLab is for

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Are you a founder or developer building prompts into production?

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You know your company could be leveraging AI more, but you're not sure where to start.

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Feel like you just don't the "magic words" to get better outputs from LLMs?

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Want to get a grip on prompt engineering the right way — without getting lost in jargon and without compromising on quality

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Have you tried building your own chatbot but ran into challenges around memory?

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Tired of seeing posts on Twitter about effective prompts, only to see them fall flat when you do the same?

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Hallucinations occurring in production keep you up at night


Day 1: Intro and Foundations

  • A brief intro to prompt engineering
  • Tokenization, system messages, parameters
  • Which model should I use?
  • Build a prompt, together, live + Q&A

Day 2: Advanced Techniques and Deploying An AI App

  • Prompt engineering techniques and when to use them
  • How to connect data from a Google Doc (or other sources) to your prompt
  • Deploy your first Prompt as a Service ( No-Code)

Day 3: Reliability, Security, & Using Prompts in the Wild

  • Understanding LLM outputs: Reliability and potential pitfalls
  • Addressing hallucinations and exploitations
  • Security: Prompt hacking methods and defenses
  • Prompt Hacking Competition (winner gets a prize)
  • Wrap up + Q&A

The details

💸This prompt engineering class is free
⏰ 45 minutes a day, three days in a row
📅 November 28-30, 10:00am - 10:45am EST

What you'll learn

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Go beyond the chatbot

AI is more than a chat interface, learn how you can leverage simple prompts to speed up your processes

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Reduce hallucinations

LLMs are powerful, but not 100% reliable. You’ll learn a few easy techniques to reduce hallucinations

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What model should I use?

What model you use plays a big role in costs and quality. We’ll look at models from the largest providers to ensure you aren’t hamstringing performance or overpaying.

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How to make your chatbot smarter

Balancing performance with memory

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Keeping your AI safe:

How to prevent against common prompt hacking techniques

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Integrating AI into your workflows

Integrate AI into your workflows so people will actually use it. From content creation, to classification, and client services. We'll look at ways AI can save you time

Who's running the lab?

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Dan Cleary
Co-Founder - PromptHub

Hi there, I'm Dan from PromptHub. I've spent countless hours talking to teams building AI into internal workflows and external systems. I've helped dozens of teams overcome hurdles that come along with shipping AI to users, or getting adoption across an organization.

Ready to upgrade your prompting skills?