Smart Recover specializes in SMS-based lead engagement to recover lost sales. They focus on re-engaging leads who abandon websites, using real-time, one-on-one SMS conversations managed by live agents.


Given the recent improvement in LLMs, the Smart Recover team knew they could generate a percentage of their outbound messages with AI. The prompt used to generate support messages would be critical. The messages would need to sound human-like, have the proper context, and mimic the company's tone.

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They started with an Airtable database to test prompts. This quickly got out of hand for a few reasons:

  • The database became cluttered and difficult to manage after minimal prompt testing
  • It was challenging to track specific changes and understand how they impacted the output.
  • Testing with different models, parameters, and data was close to impossible
  • There was no reliable way to measure whether the prompts were improving over time

The requirements were clear. The team needed a tool that would make it easy to test, collaborate, and track changes to prompts over time. The product would need to have a friendly UI and an intuitive UX for both technical and non-technical team members.


Ease of use was a big selling point for Smart Recover trusting PromptHub with all of their prompt management needs.

After a quick onboarding, Smart Recover was up and running. Easily testing 100s of prompt versions to generate better support messages for their clients. Batch testing was particularly helpful and enabled them to be more confident that changes in their prompt were performing at scale, rather than just getting a few lucky outputs.

Prior to PromptHub Smart Recover had a 24% AI message acceptance rate. That meant that 24% of the time, the message was deemed of high enough quality to be sent by the human in the loop. Thanks to PromptHub, that number has increased by more than 220% to 77%.

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SmartRecover also opted for a private Slack channel with the PromptHub team (which is offered to all customers, free and paid) which has given them a direct line of communication with the team. From product support, to general questions about prompt engineering. As we always say, we are here as a resource.

Going forward

Smart Recover has already made a ton of progress on their first implementation of AI into their business. They know there is more room to grow and many more AI projects to be done in the next year. They look forward to having PromptHub to help them with all of their prompt management needs.

Dan Cleary